Ermis FC travels to Germany coming January

The U-13 football team of ERMIS FC will travel, coming January, to Germany to participate in a Regional German Football Tournament.

Specifically, ERMIS FC received an invitation from its Affiliated Football Academy, SV Böblingen, to participate in a Regional Football Tournament, at the Murkenbachhalle , starting on January 8, 2017; and ERMIS FC happily accepted the invitation.

Consequently, the U-13 Football Team of ERMIS FC will travel to Germany for 5 days.

There, the youngsters will have the opportunity to experience, first hand, the German culture, travel across the country, learn the German customs and, of course, play against various German Football Teams.

Moreover, the Director of ERMIS FC, Mr. Chronis Sapounas, would like to thank SV Böblingen, for their invitation.

Finally, we wish the players of our U-13 Football Team to have a great time during their stay in Germany and…

… make us proud guys!!!

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