SV Boeblingen welcomed Mr. Chronis in Stuttgart - Germany

As it has been announced SV Boeblingen and ERMIS FC - Volos Football Academies became affiliated football clubs.

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ERMIS FC's and SV Boeblingen's affiliation in becoming "Brother Clubs" hits the Nationwide News

As part of their affiliation Mr Chronis Sapounas, the director of ERMIS FC, visited, end of June and for five days, SV Boeblingen in Germany.

For SV Boeblingen's official announcement, click here: SV Boeblingen's Official Announcement

There, Mr Chronis experienced, first hand, the great hospitality of SV Boeblingen.

Nevertheless, his program was packed.

In a nutshell:

The first two days Mr Chronis accompanied SV Boeblingen's U-13 team in a Central-German tournament.

Next, Mr Chronis coached the U-13 team for two consecutive days.

And finally, together with the management, and Mr Sven Radel, of SV Boeblingen, they advanced the talks of the collaboration.

Note that: both clubs, which base their relationship on mutual trust and respect, aim in supporting each other in areas such as:

players and coaches of the Academies shall travel to Germany and Greece to broaden their experiences and know-how,

so that players and coaches can attain intercultural exchange experiences,

for international training sessions,

for training development,

for international tournaments,

to broaden the pool of talents and to promote them to Pro Clubs

Respectively, teams from ERMIS FC will travel to Germany to participate in German Tournaments coming winter, as well as summer of 2017. Additionally, ERMIS FC's teams will participate in various training sessions with the respective football teams of SV Boeblingen.

On the other hand, SV Boeblingen will send teams to participate in Greek Tournaments, together with ERMIS FC, in spring of 2017. Additionally, SV Boeblingen's teams will participate in various training sessions with the respective football teams of ERMIS FC.

Besides the above mentioned tournaments, both clubs further explored advanced training units for player performance development.

Finally, the aforementioned visit made it already to the headlines in the Greek media; for instance click here: Greek Media

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