(U-13 teams of ERMIS FC (orange) and AEK FC (yellow))

(U-15 teams of ERMIS FC (blue) and AEK FC (yellow))

ERMIS FC - Volos Football Academies travelled the past weekend to Athens to play against AEK FC and ATROMITOS FC (both of these teams play at the Superleague-Championship).

To be more precise, ERMIS FC received invitations from both football teams (AEK FC and ATROMITOS FC) to participate in friendly matches.

Consequently, ERMIS FC travelled to Athens with two teams, namely, the U-15 and the U-13 teams.

What is more, each team would have to play two games in two days (one on Saturday and one on Sunday); four games in total for ERMIS FC.

Regarding the Matches:

U-15 Team:

First, the U-15 team went up against Atromitos FC and on Sunday played against AEK FC's U-15 team.

(Warming up before the match)

(Entering the battle field - Atromitos FC (orange) Ermis FC (blue/black))

(The fight is on)

Although friendly games, the matches were fierce and all teams made clear that they wanted to arise victorious.

(Mr Sapounas Chronis (Director of Ermis FC) and the Coach of Atromitos FC who so happens to be Chronis' former team-player when they used to play Professional Football)

(ERMIS FC (blue/black) against AEK FC (yellow/black) )

U-13 Team:

The U-13 team followed the same schedule, as the U-15 team, playing first against Atromitos FC and then against AEK FC.

(Entering the battle field - Atromitos FC (blue) Ermis FC (orange/black))

Thanos (the U-13 coach), Tzitzi (the goalkeeper coach) and Stratos (our doctor) )

In the first match against Atromitos FC the outcome was a draw. Both teams fought to snitch the victory from the other, yet, the teams had to settle with a draw.

In the second match, against AEK FC, once again both teams engaged in a fierce football battle with the sole purpose of arising victorious.

Regarding the Impressions:

Putting the scores aside, both teams of ERMIS FC made such a positive impression to the Profi-Team which lead to the following event:

The scouters, and coaches, of both, AEK FC and Atromitos FC, took note and have shown interest for 7 players(!!!) of ERMIS FC's teams.

This is something to be proud of (we will keep you posted about this matter in due time); what we can tell you for now is that all 7 players did receive the call, already!!!

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