ERMIS FC is a Not for Profit Football Academy.

Always geared towards excellence their main goal is to support children, regardless of social status, mental or physical strength.

Even though the Academy is located in Greece, and with everything that is going on in Greece, ERMIS FC continues to produce top-notch quality players that are signing Pro contracts in National and International level; even reaching the level of becoming National Players for the Hellenic Football Association.

Moreover, the quality that is performed in ERMIS FC, for the past fourteen years, resulted in various National and International collaborations with PRO Football Clubs around Europe, in countries such as:

Germany, Netherlands, UK, Greece, Italy, Spain or Denmark.

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Located in the beautiful city of Volos, ERMIS FC, is always geared towards excellence. So as to develop a complete football player ERMIS FC integrates a training program that combines knowledge derived from the following countries: Greece, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, France and Netherlands.

In other words, ERMIS FC has developed an all-encompassing training program that combines the virtues of seven countries while eliminating their shortcomings (most probably, in this case, ERMIS FC is unique worldwide).

The success of this approach is reflected in the fact that ERMIS FC is able to produce constantly players that make the jump to: the National, and the International Level, the Hellenic National Team as well as ERMIS FC players comprise the main body of all Regional and Prefectural All-Star-Teams.

Moreover ERMIS FC incorporates in its training methods psychology (especially child-psychology), various other sports and also pays attention to a player's school-performance. The rationale behind this approach is rooted in the fact that an athlete must accomplish a harmony between mind and body; otherwise, you will have just an empty shell standing before you that could lead to various inappropriate behaviour patterns.

Consequently, regardless which path an athlete will choose to walk what is most important is the child's well-being in his, or her, life.

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