ERMIS FC vs the German Panzers

(ERMIS FC - VOLOS, team U-15)

(SV Boeblingen, team U-13)

(FSV Waiblingen, team U-15)

The German Panzers that invaded Greece consisted of two football teams, namely:

SV Boeblingen that arrived in Volos with its U-13 team


FSV Waiblingen that arrived in Volos with its U-15 team.

Both teams came to Greece for a five-days training camp, which would also include a plethora of friendly matches being carried out.


SV Boeblingen would face off against ERMIS FC's U-13 team, the U-13 team of the Prefecture's selection of Magnesia and the selection team of the Prefecture of Trikala.

On the other hand, FSV Waiblingen would play two friendly games with the U-15 team of ERMIS FC and one against the U-13 team of the Prefecture's selection of Magnesia.

The Results of the football matches:

Day 1:

ERMIS FC vs SV Boeblingen U-13 (winner: ERMIS FC)
ERMIS FC vs FSV Waiblingen (winner: FSV Waiblingen)

Day 2:

ERMIS FC vs FSV Waiblingen U-15 (winner: ERMIS FC)
Prefecture Selection Team vs SV Boeblingen U-13 (winner: SV Boeblingen)

Day 3:

Regional Selection Team vs FSV Waiblingen U-15 (winner: Regional Selection Team)
Team of Trikala vs SV Boeblingen U-13 (winner: SV Boeblingen)

What is important:

What is important is the fact that, that all three academies as well as the players' parents, did have a great time, they made jokes among them, the coaches were just teasing each other and the three academies exchanged presents.

But most importantly: the players themselves had the chance to know each other and to become friends (and this is the whole point when bringing two different cultures together).

On behalf of ERMIS FC we would like to thank the football academies SV Boeblingen and FSV Waiblingen, their parents, the people involved with the academy but most of all: Sven, Christian, Mugdim and Nikoletta.

The Remaining days of the training-camp:

FSV Waiblingen continued its training sessions' non-stop until their time was up here in Greece.

Nevertheless, SV Boeblingen decided to take a different approach; specifically, to hit the road and visit Meteora (which is a fantastic place to visit, see the picture below):

There, the team of SV Boeblingen had the chance to experience the unique Greek hospitality, the great traditional Greek food and of course, to shoot pictures which they will savour for a lifetime.

What we can say with certainty is that we will miss you guys!!!
Danke Schoen !!! Thank you!!!

Moreover, you can watch the National TV coverage by clicking the "play-button" below:

Download Video: Closed Format: "MP4" Open Format: "OGG"

For a more detailed report click on the links below:

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ERMIS FC and the German Panzers (Final Day) - On National TV and A NEW ACADEMY PARTNERSHIP HAS BEEN FORMED.

ERMIS FC's and SV Boeblingen's affiliation in becoming "Brother Clubs" hits the Nationwide News.

SV Boeblingen welcomed Mr. Chronis in Stuttgart - Germany.

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