After a successful season with PAO FC, U-20 team, Petros decided to make the next big step in his life and football career.

Consequently, he decided to move to the other end of the Atlantic Ocean; specifically to Virginia of the USA.

There, he will study in the Virginia Commonwealth University as well as play for the University's football team (aka soccer team), called VCU Men's Soccer.

From left to right: (Petros and Mr Sapounas Chronis, Director of ERMIS FC Football Academies).

Petros, although young in age, has already a vast football experience by having played for big European teams such as Twente (Netherlands, U-15), Dortmund (Germany, U-16) and PAO FC (Greece, U-17 and U-20).

Moreover, Petros played for the Hellenic Football National Team (aka the National Football Team of Greece, U-15 and U-16).

Nevertheless, as Petros has mentioned it in multiple occasions, he considers his home ERMIS FC - Volos, Football Academies.

ERMIS FC is the football club in which Petros spend almost 10 years learning football; and Mr. Chronis is the person that helped, supported and always stood by Petros side through all his endeavours, even today.

Hence, before leaving to the USA, Petros visited Mr. Chronis in the facilities of ERMIS FC to have a final chat.

Finally, regardless of the fact that Petros moves to the USA, ERMIS FC will always be here to support Petros.

And as a side note (from a fan of Petros): VCU Men's Soccer team should consider itself very fortunate to have a football player of that calibre among their ranks.

All that is left to say is: Go Petros, GOOOO...

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