Two Players from ERMIS FC, sign Pro-Contracts with two Super League Teams

As it has become custom for ERMIS FC Volos Football Academy (or in short: ERMIS FC), every year, its football players’ manage to make the jump and to sign pro contracts with Pro-Teams.

This summer, 2 players made the jump from our Football Academy and signed pro contracts with 2 different Pro-Teams.

Before we will introduce to you the 2 players, here is the background story.

Last year ERMIS FC was to participate in the U-16 championship. But instead of sending its team to the respective championship, ERMIS FC took a calculated risk and… did send the U-16 team to play in the Amateur Mans’ Championship.

What does this mean?

That the U-16 team of ERMIS FC, which consisted of players between 14 and 16-year-old players, was playing against adults that were even 25, 30 or 35 years old!!!

Now imagine for a moment: a 14-year-old football player competing, in an official championship, against a 30-year-old player. And the team was quite successful in their endeavour!

To accomplish such a feat, the youngsters of ERMIS FC, had to train smarter, harder and completely different that was done before.

This resulted in that the Regional Team of Magnesia and the Prefectural Team of Thessaly, consisted mainly of ERMIS FC’s football players!

The reason: ERMIS FC’s football players were way above the level of any U-16 player.

And as it was to be expected the Pro-Contracts followed. Here are the two players of ERMIS FC that made this summer’s jump:

Thanasis Kanoutas (born 2002)

Kanoutas wearing the FC Pas Giannena jersey.

Thanasis came to ERMIS FC when he was 4 years old.

Two years ago, ERMIS FC did send him for one year to Larissa FC, which plays in the SuperLeague (which is Greece’s Premier League).

Last year, Thanasis was called back to ERMIS FC, for further development and to complete his program.

(picture below: Kanoutas together with the Technical Director or ERMIS FC, Mr. Chronis Sapounas)

The end-result:

In both the Regional and Prefecture teams he was their main core-player and also played in all games of the Amateur Mans’ Championship.

His playing-level was so amazing, that the team of FC PAS Giannena (plays in the SuperLeague – Greece’s PremierLeague) signed a pro-contract with him and got him under their U-17 team.

(picture below: Kanoutas getting trolled by the Technical Director or ERMIS FC, Mr. Chronis Sapounas and the Head-Coach of the famous U-16 team, Mr. Bratsos)

FC PAS Giannena is the Pro-Club that the entire prefecture of Epirus supports (and that prefecture is enormous); and their "base" is the beautiful city of Ioannina.

Below in the video is Thanasis’ goal that made the pro-club, FC PAS Giannena, make their official move to request the player.

The Amazing goal of Thanasis during a Prefecture Game

Dimitrios Poulianas (born 2004)

The other player that moves from ERMIS FC with a pro-contract is the U-16 goalkeeper, Dimitrios Poulianas.

Dimitrios came to ERMIS FC when he was 4 years old.

Both Dimitrios Poulianas and Thanasis Kanoutas were playing for ERMIS FC’s U-16 team that participated in the Amateur Mans’ Championship.

Even though Dimitrios is very young, 14 years, he is considered a very talented goalkeeper and great thigs are to be expected from him.

(picture below: left, Dimitrios Poulianas – yep: he is very tall already and right: the head-goalkeeper trainer of ERMIS FC, Apostolos Tzitzilionis).

Dimitrios performances as a goalkeeper, in the Amateur Mans’ Championship, made him the main goalkeeper of both teams, namely: The Regional Team of Magnesia and the Prefectural Team of Thessaly.

All the above, immediately attracted the eyes of the Pro-Team of FC Panetolikos (plays in the SuperLeague – Greece’s PremierLeague).

Consequently, Dimitrios signed a pro-contract and FC Panetolikos got him under their U-15 team.

What is even more amazing is the fact that Dimitrios is been called to the U-15 National Team of Greece!

(picture below: Dimitrios offering a signed, with his signature, FC Panetolikos jersey, as a symbolic gesture, to the Technical Director or ERMIS FC, Mr. Chronis Sapounas)..

On behalf of ERMIS FC we wish you all the best guys and… make us proud guys!!!

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